5 Creative and Fun Ways to Use Your GoPro Cameras

You can make the most out of your GoPro. With this camera, both creativity and fun moments are inevitable. Right from taking live-stream videos, to landscape capture, to video recording, to periscope; there is just so much to make up your days.

The following are some ways to how you can maximize your GoPro Camera:

Make the Best Out of the In-Built Time Lapse

Your GoPro will always reveal to you some new and astounding performance competences. The volume of your placed memory card establishes how swift the timer performs. Besides, the more intervals you capture at time-gaps of 0.5 to 1 second within the duration of your activities, the better your time-lapse video appears.
Whenever you are taking an entire day’s shooting, ensure you have battery spares or portable batteries. It is because the GoPro’s battery may quickly run out before you complete your task.

Adjust Settings to Capture Scenery-Based Pictures

There are ways in which you can change settings and capture different pictures based on each of your activity. From the time-lapse settings, regulate the time appropriately. If scenery is slower and unmovable, adjust the timer to capture a photo once in a second, or even longer. For faster-moving objects, alter the timer to capture images after every half-a-second.

Whenever the photoshoot is even faster, set the field view to either intermediate or narrow. With this, you receive images of the highest value. Trying to obtain an already-captured photo from the video will not provide the right quality image. Instead, utilizing the time-lapse element, which is in-built in the GoPro camera provides a desirable image capture.

Advance Your Biking by Utilizing the GoPro Dashcam

Riding on bikes can be dangerous. Even if you are in a bike-friendly city, you still must take charge of your safety while down on the roads. You can, therefore, take advantage of the handlebar mounting accessory. Once in place, you only have to press the record key whenever you set out on your biking journey. In the case of an accident, you will have it all recorded in the video. With this, the insurance companies will have you covered quickly and entirely. They will cater both for you and the bike. This accessory is especially vital when riding within urban areas.

Maximize GoPro Back-Up

GoPro makes an excellent tool to create your backup camera. Installing this feature is simple and faster. Interestingly, you do not have to use the backup whenever you back out from a spot. However, it comes in handy each time you are caught up in a difficult situation.

For backup installation, you can either fix the built-in adhesive-mounting displays into your buffer, or take the surfboard suction cup attachment, and place it on your backup window. With the suction technique, you can maintain the GoPro in a mounted position. You are now sure that nobody can take it off your buffer. Technology also comes in where you can only open the surfboard, and link it to the GoPro app. Then, merely click on the control key and let the preview pop up. From here, you can observe from behind and manage to evade any tricky obstacle.

Examine Your Beehive with the GoPro

Whenever you raise beehives or are involved in beehive-related activity, GoPro sorts you out easily. The camera helps in monitoring the inside of the hive efficiently. You can even have several people view within the beehive safely together with you. Ensure you are careful enough not to let any trace of honey get into your GoPro camera. Besides, you can add specifications that enable you to observe the queen laying her eggs, and the bees filling their honeycombs. To safely mount your GoPro, you can place an additional waterproof casing.